Work Experience

Work Experience

Our work experience placements are full

Please check back later. 

We offer work experience placements for students from Year 10 and above, and occasionally for college and university students. Priority will be given to students from the London Borough of Hillingdon.

What will I do on a placement?

Work experience takes place within all of our departments as we aim to give you an overview of how a theatre works as a whole.

As a result the majority of the placement will be admin and backstage-based, so if you are mainly interested in performing or "making" (such as costumes or wigs/hair and make-up) then you may be disappointed as work experience with us will not involve that - we are not a producing theatre.  Priority will be given to students genuinely considering a career in technical theatre or theatre management. 

The work placement will range from office-based duties within our Operations, Box Office, Hospitality and Marketing departments to some technical work with the stage crew.

How long is the work experience placement?

Placements last for a maximum of one week only; this is because demand is so high and we are limited for spaces. 

How do I apply?

From January please send a CV and covering letter detailing your interest in theatre, the dates you are ideally looking for and why we should choose you to Vivien Harvey

Please do not ask your parents or teachers to contact us for your placement - we want to hear from YOU! 

Remember - The Beck Theatre receives a large amount of applications and often for the same dates so make sure yours stands out from the crowd!